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 How To Crop Pictures!

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PostSubject: How To Crop Pictures!   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:53 am

Crop with Microsoft Excel:
So,press Print Screen button:

Than Open Paint:

Edit your picture and Press Ctrl+S to save it.
Than go to www.tinypic.com
Click Browse and open your image:

Than on this green button:

Wait a little and Copy this url:
Your done Very Happy

Crop with Paint:
To do this, you must have a screenshot, get one by pressing this button.

The open up your Microsoft Paint (on most computers)
Click the arrow, and "open" - Picture

Next, the actual cropping

Click crop then click and pull around the place you want cropped.

Complicated? Not really.

Go to this to know how to post photos:
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How To Crop Pictures!
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