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 Detailed Money Guide!

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PostSubject: Detailed Money Guide!   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:55 pm

So here another guide!

First money making guide:

Train from 1-50:

You get 100K each click and 500 xp.

Train here from 50-60:

You get 500K Each click.

Train from 60-80:

You get 1M each click.

Train here from 80-99:

Second money guide:
Drop parties!
Keep Voting the server(I will make a guide and edit this) and we will get drop parties!

Third Money guide:
Killing General Graardor(Level 694)
Warning:Use protect from melee.
Get 10 Prayer Potions and the rest food.(manta ray)
Than go to the teleport in home and go God Wars Dungeon.
Than start killing him.
Drops of General Graardor:
Sara Sword.
Bandos God Sword.
Saradomin God Sword.
Armaydl God Sword.

And last but not least:
Pking is a good money making guide.
Go to KBD(King Black Dragon) and kill the KBD.
You will get drops from him.
When some one comes pk him!

Request some more pictures because I'm a little busy now to make more pictures!

Hope you enjoyed!
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Detailed Money Guide!
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