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PostSubject: Suggestions!   Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:01 am

We do more bosses like:
Kree Arra:
Ags 10%
Arma Chest 20%
Arma Legs 20%
Arma Helm 20%
Shield 15%
Bones 100%
500M 10%

General Graardor:
Bgs 20%
Bandos Chest plate 30%
Bandos Tassets 25%
Bandos Boots 30%
Bones 100%
250M 10%

Since now only those 2 bosses.

Red Dragon(Donator Island):
Dragon Boots:10%
Bandos Chest plate 35%
Bandos Tassets 30%
Bandos Boots 35%
5K slayer xp

Steel Dragon:(Donator Island)
All God Swords 50%
750M 45%
All god armor 50%
10k Slayer Xp
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