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 Name Me Noob's suggestions.

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Name Me Noob

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PostSubject: Name Me Noob's suggestions.   Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:58 am

Hi, My name is Name Me Noob ingame and on the forum and here are my suggestions Wink.

1. Make the forums more sorted, Like less explanation text, More boards, Like help center, Gaming center.. ect. Also to keep the forums more sorted is to Sticky the important topics so they will always be on the top. And one more tip. The english isn't that good on this forum, Not saying that mine is tho.. Razz

2. It would be fun to make costum area's, This is just because it is not fun to always be on the same server, We should have something special that will attract more people to join DutchScape.

3. Also, Like suggested before, The Dragon Claws should have 60 attack to wield and not 60 defence, It is possible to change it into 60 attack, I know how.

4. I also think we should not sell staff, I'm suggesting this because if you do so, The staff will be abusing as I have experienced before.

5. Make requirements for staff applications, This is to stop players that have just joined to post an topic and maybe even get staff.



~Name bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Name Me Noob's suggestions.   Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:06 am

mhmm here's my feedback on the suggestions.

1. definetly would be great Very Happy

2. yeah that would be awsome having a unique place ^_^

3. woot yes for the claws!!

4. i totally.. agree, i've seen couple of staff abusing already -.-

5. imo, their should'nt be staff application, i think owner should see how their doing in game see their recent work ect, but thats not up too me so yeah.

just my opinion.
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Name Me Noob's suggestions.
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