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 Staff Application.

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PostSubject: Staff Application.   Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:53 am

Hello Owner Dutch,

My Ingame Username: Valk

What am i applying for?(Mod,forum moderator, admin , coder): Any position that I am needed in.

About me (what u going to do when ur staff): I will be dedicated to helping the server, new people and ill also be active.

How long did i played Dutchscape: Im fairly new but I have much expierence being admin on 2 other servers and mod on 2 other servers. All of those clients are down, so ill be dedicated to this one.

Did u ever abuse?: No

Did u ever auto typed?: No

Did u ever spam or blame the owner?: No

Did u ever donated to Dutchscape?: No, sorry. ):

Extra info if needed:

Well, my name is Ryan. Im 15. I have much expierence being staff on private servers. I have been an admin on two different servers and a mod on two different servers. They are all offline due to money. Im not mean, I know not to abuse my powers that i am given. So i will be dedicated to this server. I have tons of free time on my hands due to the fact im on vacation at the moment, and due to the fact im only in school with no job. I look forward to helping the server out if I am giving a chance.

Thanks. (: ,

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Staff Application.
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